Thank You Co-Hosts and Contributors

A deep and sincere thank you to all who are helping make this event a success.  Below you will find a list of some of the people and businesses who have made generous donations of their valuable time, money, talents and/or services.   

 Rest assured 100% of ALL Monetary Donations  will go directly to the John Scully Scholarship Fund.

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Co-Hosts AND Contributors

Suzanne Boucher, Esq. 91'


Co-Host and Contributor

Alice Longoria, Esq. 91'


Co-Host and Contributor

Martin D. Murphy, Esq. 91'


Co-Host and Contributor

Thank You...

  • Alice Longoria
  • Andrew Hitchings and Jenny Hitchings  
  • Benjamin Spater
  • Christopher Viadro
  • Claudia R.   Eiseman   
  • Dale Young   
  • David Ongaro  
  • David Stein 
  • Douglas Boxer
  • Duffy Carolan and Doug Hoffelt 
  • Eric Axelsen 
  • Frank Liuzzi
  • George Ellard 
  • Gregory H. Blaine   
  • Heidi Kashyap
  • Joanne Murphy   
  • John J.  Bilheimer and Catherine 
  • Joni Reicher 
  • Margaret C.  Scully and Reed Minuth  
  • Martin and Marie Murphy   
  • Melanie and Rodney M Chinen    
  • Michael  Solomon and Christina Solomon   
  • Michelle S. Hobus 
  • Michael Vlaming
  • Molly Jo and Dan Mullen 
  • Molly Coomber  
  • Patricia  Prince and Leonel Figueredo   
  • Paul Haakenson
  • Renee and Craig Livingston  
  • Samuel J.  Fleischmann
  • Suzanne Boucher

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Thank YOU...


Thank You Dennis Wallace and Bay-Catering for your delicious contribution to this event.  

thank You...


Thank You Cabernet Corporation, Eric Axelsen and the entire Axelsen family for keeping us in good sprits with your generous wine donation.